Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to Don Salvador Benedicto

Don Salvador Benedicto has been proclaimed as the Summer Capital of Negros. It is 47 kms. away from Bacolod. The roads are fully cemented. But the sights are wonderful. As you slowly drive thru the winding roads, you would see sugarcane fields, rice fields, rivers, mountain slopes, farm animals like goats, carabao and sometimes even pigs.

You would pass by this highway in going to San Carlos City, which is now 2 hours away from Bacolod.

As you slowly approach the town, this majestic statue of a lion greets you.

A monument had been built by the Philippine, Taiwan and Korean governments.

At the back of the monument is this breathtaking view of the mountain slopes, river and scattered nipa huts.

Your DOT-trained tour guide.

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