Monday, October 25, 2010

Palmas del Mar Resort

Viaje Negrense sets out for a Palmas del Mar experience. Come with me! Let me share with you what's at Palmas del Mar.

Back in the 70's, it used to be a beach resort. Then it evolved into a shrimp farm and it was in the 1980's when it was developed into a resort. The resort is inside a residential subdivision opening up to the seaside area where one can view the sunset.

Welcome to Palmas del Mar, a Conference Resort Hotel, all in one!
This arched entrance will lead us to the lobby and restaurant.

The restaurant can sit 60 persons. It is open from 6:30am to 12mn to hotel guests and walk-in guests.
From the restaurant, you get a fantastic view of the pool and the sea, and perhaps catch the sunset.

choose your meal from a wide array of selections............
coffee served by courteous staff
a hearty Filipino breakfast of danggit
....... or longganisa!

Front Desk Clerk Rosemarie Fuentes warmly greeted us and promptly attended to our room inquiries.
This is the new wing called the Iberian Suites. Our room is at the far end of the building facing the sea.
Look at our room! It's called the Costa del Sol Suite. It has a large ante room with a sofa bed plus a pull-out. And a queen size bed in the main room. A sliding door separates the two rooms. Since it's a corner room, we get a view of the swimming pools on the left and the sea on the west side. There's a veranda where you can sit in blessed tranquility as you sip your cup of coffee or endlessly gobbling up your bag chips or lanzones, which is in season from September to October.

This garden area is where the weddings, debuts and other celebrations are held.
This is the Mediterranean Pool. It's just 4 ft deep. Ideal for a lazy swim with friends. What's so nice about this pool is when you come out of your room, you can just dip into it while your friends are just there by the lounging bed.

Who would think that you are in the middle of Bacolod City in this Mediterranean setting?

This jacuzzi is ideal for couples.

This bigger one could accommodate a small family or a group of friends.

The Cabanas

The Island Suites
This pool is exclusive to guests and members only. Thus offers tranquility and privacy to hotel guests.

The Kiddie Pool
The Island Pool

Excursionists can avail of these picnic huts. You can bring your own food and drinks. Don't forget to call for reservations. It would be hard to get a space if you will just walk-in. Dial 034-434-7971 to 72 or 433-3587 to 88. For inquiries, visit

Palmas del Mar
JR Torres Ave.
Bacolod City

Tel Nos. 434-7971 to 72

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