Sunday, August 14, 2011

Masskara Festival 2011 Schedule

This year's 32nd Masskara Festival highlights in Bacolod City fall on Oct. 14, 15 & 16.

The 2011 MassKara festival logo was designed by Bacolod visual artist and fine arts professor Bamboo Tonogbanua who has also been commissioned to do the trophies that will be given to the winners in the different official festival competitions.

This year’s logo shows a spectrum of colors that the festival is famous for, he said.

The logo combines the glamorous but realistic portrayal of the mask, itself a symbol of the festival, and the vibrant colors of the MassKara Festival, he said.

The hairs of the mask are illustrated like flowing ribbons to symbolize the lively and festive atmosphere of the festival, he said.

The headdress of the mask showed symbols of the new icons of Bacolod: the Bacolod City Government Center, the Blessed John Paul II Tower, and other rising business structures.

Also in the headdress are the public plaza’s bandstand, where the MassKara streetdancing competitions are held, and the Philippine flag, to symbolize patriotism.

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For the complete schedule of the Masskara Festival, please click on this link.

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