Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rapha Valley

An hour's drive from Bacolod City and you can be transported into a place where you can appreciate the cool breeze of the mountain air amidst the slopes and valleys of  the municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto.  This place is called Rapha Valley named after Jehovah Rapha which means "the Lord God heals". (Psalm 147:3)  wow!  Isn't it just appropriate?  This place is owned by spouses Albert & Marilou Jo.  Albert was a medical doctor but now he is an advocate for natural healing.  He was asked by his father to take up medicine.  But he realized that he has a passion for cooking.  And now he realized his dream by cooking for his guests at the farm, which he enjoys.


Guests are welcome to the farm with some light snacks consisting of black rice puto, herbed casuy cheese, bloodless dinuguan pate and carrot juice.

Dr. Albert Jo welcomes his guests and leads them down to the vegetable garden.  He would tell you the names of the herbs and what are they good for.  Any leaf that has not been sprayed with insecticide is edible, he said.

Lemon grass is planted as hedges to keep away pests and insects from going to the plants.  Lemon grass is widely used and an herb and commonly used in tea and soups for us Filipinos.  For my juice, I boil the leaves, add calamansi juice and honey and voila!  I have a refreshing cool drink for the day.

At the greenhouse are different kinds of plants:  from stevia to goto kola to edible flowers.  So many that  the names I can no longer recall.

Rows of asparagus plants.  and we picked up some spears and they were so crunchy!

Guests listen to Dr. Jo's descriptions of plants and how they can heal our bodies.

On the left is the greenhouse where you can find some edible flowers and herbs.  On top is their resthouse which has a loft which serves as their bedroom.  Lunch is served in that big white tent.

This is the panoramic view as seen from inside the
tent as you enjoy your lunch especially made from Dr. Jo's organic recipe.

The tent has a fine net so guests could see the view of the vegetable garden and the mountains as far as your eyes can see.

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  1. This is a beautiful farm to visit. Dr & Mrs Jo are excellent hosts and more importantly, Dr Jo is a great teacher of natural farming and all the benefits of the plants that he has on his farm. Health is wealth and what we put inside us is crucial. I hope everyone has a chance to visit his farm to enjoy the beauty of what God has given us and what can be done to keep this bounty plentiful for the generations to come!

  2. I visited the farm.. Amazing. Educational, insightful, and WOW, the food, I love it. That was a great visit. Thank you Dr. Jo for the invitation.

    Do come to this place. Its worth of your money and money.