Sunday, October 7, 2012

Danjugan Island Marine & Wildlife Sanctuary

Your trip to Punta Bulata Resort wouldn't be complete if you would not visit Danjugan Island Marine Sanctuary.  It's 3 kms West from the resort and  about 20-min boat ride.

We circled around the North Lagoon then proceeded to the Typhoon Beach Camp.

Lots of pet bottles had been washed into the lagoon.  The labels say it originated from China, Sabah and West Malaysia. They must have been thrown overboard from ships.

a mud house made from natural materials such as rice  husks, lime among others.  
I know it's environment friendly.  No cement, no steel.

 Oh!  That's where we swam to reach Turtle Beach.  We came from the other side of the island.

Turtle Beach.  To get here from the Typhoon Beach Camp, we swam and waded into the waters since it was high tide.  and it was just  fun and marvelous!

 the end of our walk was when we reached the Learning Center, just after the 3rd Lagoon.

wow!  can I try any of these??

wowwowee!  I made it!

Punta Bulata White Beach & Resort

Much has been said about Punta Bulata Resort.  It's nestled 154 kms south of Bacolod near the border of the town of Cauayan and Sipalay City.  Roughly 3 1/2 to 4 hours drive.  It's a long drive and caters to high end guests.  But I gotta see it for myself so I finally took the invitation of COO Thomas Zayco to visit and experience Punta Bulata.  Since it's a long drive, there were at least 3 pitstops for some drinks and restrooms.  And the sceneries along the highway are really amazing!  the sugarcane plantations, the rice fields, the mountain slopes and the calm waters along the coasts.  The main roads are all paved.  The last 30 min of the travel  is when you encounter rough road when you  take the interior barangay road.  But it's not that bad, at least not on a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Welcome to Punta Bulata Resort!!!

At the reception, Jemila welcomes you with cold towels to freshen you after that long trip from Bacolod.

and a glass of iced lemon grass tea

Wow!  This view awaits you!!!

Would you want to stay and sleep  in one of these cabanas? 
 I did!  and I really loved it!

look at the big bed

spacious bathroom with outdoor rain shower

reasonably priced menu

What I had for lunch??
Chicken in Honey Lemon sauce with Chinese rice

I enjoyed the walks along the pink shoreline.  Pieces of shells abound but I did not dare touch them.

the restaurant by night

To the left of the coast, is the Turtle group of Islands. 
 From an angle approaching the resort from the West, these islands resemble a turtle.

This is Turtle Island when viewed coming from  Danjugan Island.

This is the view from the right side of the resort.  
From left is the Danjugan Marine Sanctuary Island and at right is the Agutaya Island.

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