Sunday, October 7, 2012

Danjugan Island Marine & Wildlife Sanctuary

Your trip to Punta Bulata Resort wouldn't be complete if you would not visit Danjugan Island Marine Sanctuary.  It's 3 kms West from the resort and  about 20-min boat ride.

We circled around the North Lagoon then proceeded to the Typhoon Beach Camp.

Lots of pet bottles had been washed into the lagoon.  The labels say it originated from China, Sabah and West Malaysia. They must have been thrown overboard from ships.

a mud house made from natural materials such as rice  husks, lime among others.  
I know it's environment friendly.  No cement, no steel.

 Oh!  That's where we swam to reach Turtle Beach.  We came from the other side of the island.

Turtle Beach.  To get here from the Typhoon Beach Camp, we swam and waded into the waters since it was high tide.  and it was just  fun and marvelous!

 the end of our walk was when we reached the Learning Center, just after the 3rd Lagoon.

wow!  can I try any of these??

wowwowee!  I made it!

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