Thursday, January 31, 2013

Butterfly Garden in Mambukal Resort

One of my favorite places in Mambukal Resort is the Butterfly Garden.  Many times I've visited the resort but it was only lately (Sept 2012) that I explored this area.  My apologies since the area is a bit rugged and not suitable for the elderly or the handicapped.  One has to safely negotiate the steps going down the garden which is beside the creek in which the man-made lake flows out.

The butterflies are so amazing!!!  In this photo, I was lucky enough to take this shot while it was resting on the shoulder of my campanion.

Look at its wing span.  It could be about 6 inches from tip to tip.

Entrance fee is P20.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kaitulari Mountain Resort

Kaitulari Mountain Resort  is about 5 minutes after the Moises Padilla, formerly known as Magallon, Municipal Hall.  It is 74 kms away from Bacolod and 7 kms away from La Castellana.  It is unique how Kaitulari is named.  The owner's name is Larry.  When some people would ask what is the name of this place, the people would say 'kay 'To Larry'.   In English, it means  'Larry's Place'.

Coming to Kaitulari is like taking oneself to commune with nature.  All you can see is green and green and the blue silhoutte of the mountains. 

Here are some of the photos I took at the resort.  The place has plenty of stories to tell.

Each structure...............

Each sculpture has its own story.

  The water in the pool is so inviting.  Surprisingly, it wasn't that cold when we took a swim.

And here is Larry Geronca, the best person to tell the tales, legends and folklores that every Negrosanon should know.

Majestic view of Mt. Kanlaon, highest peak in the Visayas at 2,435m (Source:

How to get there:
From Bacolod, drive South to Pontevedra.  Go East via Antipolo to La Castellana.  Next town is Magallon or now Moises Padilla.  Just 5 mins North from town is Kaitulari Mountain Resort, to your left.
When taking public transport, take the Canlaon-bound Ceres bus and ask to be dropped off at Bangga Kaitulari near the Guinpana-an Elem. School.  It's a short walk to the entrance behind the school.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Penalosa Farm

Each time I visit the Penalosa Farm in Victorias City, it is always a different experience.  It is always a work in progress.  

Iti has been appointed by the Agricultural Training Institute as one of the agri-farm training centers in Negros Occ. along with Mr. Ramon Uy's Eco-Agri Farm and Chinchin Uy's  and Fresh Start Organic Farm.

The 'Balai-balai' can accommodate up to 55 persons who come for trainings and seminars on organic farming under Mr. Ramon Penalosa, Jr.

This could be your vegetable garden too!

At the foreground of this gazebo are plots of green onion leaves.  The gazebo is where he holds his trainings and lectures while you sip a cup of hot 5-leaf tea which is also Mr. Penalosa's concoction.

This is one of the latest addition to their model farm.  This 7 sqm vertical garden would use up to 50 sqm of land when planted tradionally.

These are recycled canvasses that are used as pots for the lettuce.

How to get there:

This is located in Victorias City, Negros Occidental.  Coming from Bacolod City, when you reach Lopue's Dept. Store, take the left road.  About 150m, you will reach a tall steel gate on the left, honk your horn and you shall be opened and led to the integrated farm of Mr. Ramon Penalosa.

Sen. Jose C. Locsin Ancestral House

Jose Corteza Locsin was born in Silay in 1891 to parents who came from Molo, Iloilo.  He was sent to Manila to study and in 1907 he finished his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Liceo de Manila.  Then he studied at the University of Sto. Tomas and finished his degree in medicine at age 21.

He was elected councilor of Silay, then a Provincial Board Member and provincial governor of Negros Occidental.  He was also elected into the House of Representatives.  He was also a delegate to the Philippine Constitutional Convention.  Later he won a seat in the Senate where he served his six year term until 1957.

He was first married to Salvacion Montelibano whom he had 18 children.  He also had 2 children with his second wife, Delia Santiago, whom he married when he was 70 yrs old.

This house was built in the 1930s.

The library which houses a complete volume of La Solidaridad, among others.  His life as a politician can be seen in various photographs taken during the terms of Pres. Garcia to Pres. Macapagal.

The original furniture is still being used in the house.  In their living room can be found photographs of his family.

A Photograph of his 19 children.

His grandson, Neil Solomon Locsin,  was a Consultant for Cultural Research of Silay City.  He house continues to be a place where their family gathers on special occasions.   Here, he is shown narrating the deeds that this grandfather has done for Silay and the country to the visiting food and travel bloggers.