Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kaitulari Mountain Resort

Kaitulari Mountain Resort  is about 5 minutes after the Moises Padilla, formerly known as Magallon, Municipal Hall.  It is 74 kms away from Bacolod and 7 kms away from La Castellana.  It is unique how Kaitulari is named.  The owner's name is Larry.  When some people would ask what is the name of this place, the people would say 'kay 'To Larry'.   In English, it means  'Larry's Place'.

Coming to Kaitulari is like taking oneself to commune with nature.  All you can see is green and green and the blue silhoutte of the mountains. 

Here are some of the photos I took at the resort.  The place has plenty of stories to tell.

Each structure...............

Each sculpture has its own story.

  The water in the pool is so inviting.  Surprisingly, it wasn't that cold when we took a swim.

And here is Larry Geronca, the best person to tell the tales, legends and folklores that every Negrosanon should know.

Majestic view of Mt. Kanlaon, highest peak in the Visayas at 2,435m (Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negros_(island))

How to get there:
From Bacolod, drive South to Pontevedra.  Go East via Antipolo to La Castellana.  Next town is Magallon or now Moises Padilla.  Just 5 mins North from town is Kaitulari Mountain Resort, to your left.
When taking public transport, take the Canlaon-bound Ceres bus and ask to be dropped off at Bangga Kaitulari near the Guinpana-an Elem. School.  It's a short walk to the entrance behind the school.

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