Saturday, December 3, 2016

Structures at Sagay City Public Plaza

Sagay City is a 3nd class city in Negros Occidental and 82 kms. North of Bacolod City.  At its entrance, one will see a welcome sign with a shell called 'sigay'.

This welcome sign with a shell called 'sigay'.

A common place to take a souvenir photo, one should stand beside the 'heart' to represent "I"' hence, I love Sagay.

A closer look at the marker.

One of the trains used by Insular Lumber Co. (ILCO) to transport logs to the sawmill in Fabrica

Our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal

A drinking fountain!

A sundial by Rotary International

Friday, March 25, 2016


Pulupandan is a 3rd class municipality of Negros Occ, with a population of 27,735 people according to the 2015 census.  With an area of 23 sqm, it is the smallest town in terms of area in Negros Occ.

The municipal hall of Pulupandan.  On the foreground is the fountain where we can see the statur of Mameng Imutan, who modeled the common Pulupandanon woman depicting Pulupandan as a fishing town.  She was the wife of then Vice Mayor Imutan who made Pulupandan his place of residency after serving years as manager of Compania Maritima.  Mameng is Lea Salonga's grandmother.

The thick walls used to fence one of the biggest ancestral houses in Pulupandan.
Sports events are held along the shoreline shown here.  That boat on the left ferries passengers to Guimaras Island regularly.  Pulupandan is the nearest point in Negros Island to Guimaras Island.

There are sightings of Irrawaddy dolphins in the area.

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish


Pulupandan has also its own war memorial when the American soldiers landed in 1945.

Now, it is a popular place among birdwatchers.